New Patient in our Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre

Another Victim of Ghost Nets

This Hawksbill turtle was found by one of our nest monitors, Lewa, on his early morning beach patrol. The turtle was tangled in a large amount of discarded fishing nets. The nets had also entangled a sack which was full of sand and a substantially sized branch. This totalled nearly 3kg of weight for the turtle to drag around.

‘Ghost nets’ are a problem in oceans all over the world and cause many fatalities to a variety of marine animals.

Fortunately, this turtle had a lucky escape and when washed up onto Watamu beach was found by Lewa and immediately brought back to our Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre. The nets were carefully cut away and the turtle was carefully examined for any injuries. She has a couple of bruises where the net was particularly tightly wrapped but is otherwise very healthy. We will keep a close eye on her for the next day or two but have high hopes she will be adequately recovered to be released very soon.