Through our Eco Visitor programme we offer the opportunity for you to have a hands-on experience with all aspects of our work. You will be participating in our day-to-day operations, contributing directly to our conservation efforts as well as enjoying unique local experiences we’ve created for you.
An Eco Visit with us is an experience you will treasure for a lifetime!

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What to expect


There’s so much here at Local Ocean Conservation (LOC) for you to get involved in. Take a look at these activities to get a taste for what you could be doing on an Eco Visit with us.

If you would like to get involved please get in touch.

Accommodation and Transport


Eco Visitors will stay at Lallie’s House, situated within the Local Ocean Conservation compound. We have four lovely rooms with two beds in each room and each with its own en-suite shower room with a toilet, sink and large shower area. Depending on the number of other Eco Visitors you may be expected to share a room with one other person. We will always separate rooms by gender.

All the beds have mosquito nets, and there are mosquito screens in the windows. We will provide bed linen and towels and they will be changed regularly for you.

Each of the rooms at Lallie’s house opens out onto a beautiful, sunny courtyard where there are two large shaded seating and dining areas and a plunge pool to cool off after a busy day.

There is a shared kitchen for preparing your own breakfast and dinner. We will provide lunch on working days.

We have a great local cook who prepares traditional African dishes using locally produced ingredients.

Public transport

Matatus (mini vans), Tuktuks (3 wheelers), Pikipikis or Bodabodas (motorbikes)  are readily available and not expensive. You travel at your own risk.. But we can advise you on trust-worthy!