It is vital that people understand about the marine environment and how their every day life and future is both influenced and dependent on it.

LOC works with thirty local schools through this programme. We organise visits to our headquarters for students as well as providing educational outreach to schools and involving students in field excursions. LOC also welcomes schools from all over Kenya who  come to visit our Marine Information Centre.

Every year we interact with over 2,500 school children.

Our Marine Environment Education programme works with 30 local schools. We offer children the opportunity to learn about the importance and benefits of protecting their local marine environments and all its inhabitants. We believe that an effective education programme combined with the incentive for the next generation to ‘Love Their Local Ocean’ can make a dramatic and positive impact on the future of the marine environment.

Our Marine Environment Education Programme consists of outreach sessions to schools, facilitating for students to visit our Marine Information Centre and practical conservation activities such as mangrove plantings and coastal clean-ups.

Some of the topics we cover with these schools are:

  • sea turtle conservation
  • coral reef ecology and protection
  • mangrove ecology and protection
  • the endangered marine species of Kenya
  • anti-poaching awareness
  • the hazards of marine debris and pollution
  • field trips to the mangroves and coral gardens.

In addition to the 30 local schools we work with, we also welcome visits from other local, national and international schools and universities.

How can you help?

Join us for an Eco Visit, hold a fundraiser or make a donation! Any help in encouraging local children to learn about the value of conservation is greatly appreciated.