Watamu Turtle watch
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Turtle Nest Monitoring

Beach Monitors patrol the beaches every night to keep the turtles and their nests safe.

Nests that are at risk from natural or human dangers are relocated by trained Beach Monitors.

On average, Local Ocean protects and monitors 50-60 nests per year in Watamu. Through our Diani Turtle Watch programme, another 100 – 150 nests are monitored on the Kenyan south coast.

Turtle ByCatch & Release

Hundreds of turtles are rescued every year by working closely with the fishing community.

Since 1998, LOC, in collaboration with Kenya Wildlife Services and the local fishers, have run our Bycatch & Release Programme.

.Each rescued turtle is assessed, then measured, weighed and tagged. If it is in good health, the turtle is transported to the Watamu Marine National Park where it is released back into the ocean.

To date more than 19,000 turtle rescues have been conducted and the data collected has provided incredible insight into turtle behaviour and physiology.

Turtle Rehabilitation Centre

Sick and injured turtles are monitored, nursed back to health and then returned to the ocean. This facility also serves as a powerful education tool to local and international visitors of all ages.

Giving sea turtles another chance through love, care and rehabilitation.

To date over 650 patients have been treated in this facility, with afflictions ranging from exhaustion and minor injuries from fishing nets and hooks to severe spear gun puncture wounds and predation injuries. The centre also has a quarantine area to treat turtles with Fibropapillomatosis disease.

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