You can conduct regular beach cleans on your local beaches too! Try to involve schools, community groups, university groups or just your eco friendly friends. Send us your photos and we can put them on our Facebook page, blog or newsletter.

Why not try a fundraising beach clean for LOC? You’d be helping raise money to support sea turtle conservation efforts!

We Need Your Help To Continue Our Work!

Why not try some of the following ideas to help us raise much needed funds?


Have a Party – Invite your friends and sell tickets to attend. Get everyone to bring a bottle and you could run a bar where the proceeds go towards the fundraiser.

Host a Dinner Party – Everyone pays to attend and you can cook a yummy meal for a good cause.

Have a Movie Night – Charge everyone for tickets and popcorn to a favourite movie in your living room.


Clear out your Cupboards – You could have a car boot sale or even a fashion show. Ask your friends to join in and get rid of your unwanted items.

Get Baking – Have a coffee morning. You could ask your friends to bring homemade cakes and sell them to raise funds. You could even ask everyone to bring a book or two for sale.

Have an Auction Day – Ask everyone to bring one nice item for an auction.

Play the Game!

Games Challenge – Challenge your friends to your favourite games and ask teams or individuals to pay to enter. You could even ask your friends or local businesses to donate prizes.

Quiz Night – Test your friends knowledge. Get teams to pay to enter and win donated prizes.

Treasure Hunt (Great for Kids) – Arrange a treasure hunt for families who pay to enter.

Feeling Energetic?!

Walk, Run, Cycle, Swim – the choice is yours but get people to sponsor you.

Mad Fun Day – Get teams to pay to enter and play silly games like backwards races, tug of war, anything you like!

Feeling Brave?

Get people to sponsor you to do something crazy – shave your head, wax a mans chest or legs, grow a beard, wear a crazy outfit for a day, jump out of a plane … with a parachute please! Or just about any other crazy idea you can think of!

We put every cent, penny and shilling to good use and are extremely grateful for every single one!

Don’t buy shells, corals or other animals and animal products that are found within the ocean or on beaches… FAKE IT!

Buying these artifacts creates a market – supply and demand! More and more items are collected from the ocean, many are killed for tourists to purchase.

Remember shells house animals….where is that animal now? Did that beautiful sea horse or starfish, dried and preserved, die and get washed up onto the beach in immaculate condition naturally?

NO probably not – so please remember to stop, think and just FAKE IT!