The challenges we’re facing in the world right now can often seem overwhelming. They’re BIG and extremely complex problems.

However, there is good news too. The world is also made up of amazing individuals and organisations, doing phenomenal work in creating a positive future for us all.

We believe in working with these amazing groups and collectively achieve far more than if we were to go it alone.

Practically speaking, this means LOC works within our core focus areas and strengths and we collaborate with others in areas we need assistance – and vice-versa –  we all need assistance somewhere!

Collaborating on Conservation Efforts

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) is the Kenyan government authority conserving and managing wildlife in Kenya, and also enforces related laws and regulations.

We have had and continue to have a longstanding relationship with KWS, covering a range of activities from knowledge transfer and sharing to project specific collaborations.

Technology Development

Through Microsoft’s 4Afrika programme, we are collaborating on the technology development aspects of LOC.

Technology can be a huge enabler if done right and Microsoft is helping LOC ensure we do it right.