Every shilling, penny and cent counts. Being a not for profit organisation, we rely heavily on the kind donations of people just like you. Please help us to continue our valuable work!


A donation amount of your choice. We accept all major payment options including Mpesa. If you prefer doing a direct bank transfer, please contact us.

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Turtle or Nest Adoption

Adoption of a turtle that has been rescued through our ByCatch Release Programme or a nest that has been laid and protected by our Nest Monitor team

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Do It Yourself


You can conduct regular beach cleans on your local beaches too! Try to involve schools, community groups, university groups or just your eco friendly friends. Send us your photos and we can put them on our Facebook pageblog or newsletter.

Why not try a fundraising beach clean for LOC? You’d be helping raise money to support sea turtle conservation efforts!

Don’t buy shells, corals or other animals and animal products that are found within the ocean or on beaches… FAKE IT!

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