Turtle Adoption


Adoption of a turtle that has been rescued through LOC’s ByCatch Release Program.


A gift, that gives more  – adopt a sea turtle!


For only $50 dollars you can give yourself or your loved one a memorable gift that they will not only love, but will also help support Kenya’s sea turtles and coastal communities!

As part of your adoption, you will receive a digital adoption certificate and species info card filled with interesting facts about the species of turtle you adopted!

Adoption Certificate + Turtle Species info card

Did you know?

Sea turtles are widely distributed along Kenya’s coast and they also play a vital role in the global marine ecosystem. Ultimately, protecting sea turtles helps protect our oceans and coral reefs.  However, threats such as climate change, poaching, habitat destruction, overfishing, and decreased nesting grounds are seriously harming our ocean’s turtles.

Here at Local Ocean Conservation, we strive to help protect Kenya’s turtles through our By-Catch Release Program, Turtle Rehabilitation Centre, and Nesting Programmes.  We also recognize that our community in Watamu is the backbone for our work and the future of marine conservation in Kenya.

Adopting a turtle today would help protect turtles as well as support our education and awareness initiatives, our community projects, and support sustained livelihoods.


the turtle glides through the sea

she does no harm to you and me

what pleasure given when you see

a turtle just allowed to be