This programmes was developed as an extra-curricular environmental education programme for gifted local children.

The Marine Scout troop is made up of eight local children who have shown particular interest in nature. They become ambassadors of the environment in their communities and the aim is for them to go to a career in an environment related field.

The Marine Scout programme was started in 2010 and a total of 28 Marine Scouts have participated in this programme.

Every Saturday morning our eight Local Ocean Marine Scouts arrive to learn more about the marine environment. These children have been nominated to participate in our programme due to their hard work at school and their passion for the environment.

Everything we do with our Local Ocean Marine Scouts is designed with fun in mind. We teach these children a varied programme of classroom based learning, field trips, sea turtle conservation and rehabilitation work, and basic scientific field studies. We try to instil an understanding of general and marine conservation and its importance for the future. They are given the opportunity to participate in several of our programmes and we hope that they will become the conservationists of the future.

We are developing this programme to incorporate older children and it is our aim for all our Scouts to have a recognised qualification by the time they leave us.

How can you help?

Join us for an Eco Visit, hold a fundraiser or make a donation! Any support for these conservationists of the future is gratefully received.