Jipe Moyo Community Conservation Group

A fantastic local group with conservation at heart!

In conjunction with our 2nd quater newsletter we are pleased to provide a profile on Jipe Moyo Community Conservation Group. This group was established in 1997 with the aim of conserving the mangrove forest adjacent to their village, Dongo Kundu. The group comprises of men and women whose activities and source of livelihoods include fishing, trading, farming and other small businesses.

With 30 members, half of whom are actively participating, the group has been involved in controlling the felling of mangroves in their area which has not only been happening for household use but also for commercial purposes causing enormous destruction and degradation. There are representatives in the group who have direct contact with Kenya Forest Services to report illegal activity in the mangrove area.

The group has established mangrove nurseries and together with LOT they have restored mangroves in the area. Through various funders they have received beehives that are kept in the mangrove forest. This income generating activity has 16 hives already colonised and in the apiary producing honey.

Learning from the LOT Marine Green Garden, the group has introduced vertical gardening methods to utilise the little space available and grow more vegetables. They have also learnt soap making and produce dish washing liquid and bleach for home use and for sale.

The group faces various challenges e.g. education, financial capacity and the skills to market and develop their products. Despite their shortcomings, Jipe Moyo is a group with traditional and modern knowledge of our Mangrove eco-system, vital for its conservation and LOT provides its staff and available resources to help them reach their goals.