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Help protect sea turtles and see the Swahili Coast thrive

Saving Turtles & Our Local Ocean
The Swahili coast of East Africa is famous for its pristine beaches, warm, turquoise waters and exceptional marine life. Crystal-clear, the Indian Ocean, its white sands and mangrove forests, are home to one iconic creature in particular – endangered sea turtles.
Unfortunately, this tropical coast is rapidly changing as a result of climate change and its unpredictable impacts, as well as unsustainable practices and pollution. These challenges are vast and complex. But Now You Sea Hope.
The turtles have their journey, we have ours. And we’d like you to be a part of it – no matter where you are – because we all share the same ocean.

Make a difference with us as we protect our ocean for future generations.

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Now You Sea Local Ocean Conservation

For over two decades we, Local Ocean Conservation, and our friends along this special stretch of coast have been meeting these challenges head-on to help save turtles and other species. Sea the difference we can make by working with and protecting the turtles that call the Swahili coast home, as it brings a greater opportunity for a positive future and a healthier marine environment for all.

Now You Sea what’s next for Local Ocean

In the two-plus decades of designing, piloting and successfully implementing conservation models, the Local Ocean team has learnt a great deal about how best to operate locally-driven marine conservation. Every day we receive requests to assist with marine conservation across our coastline and beyond, but we need help to respond, and respond quickly. The oceans don’t have the time to wait!

Now you sea why we want to scale up our impact, build on our skills and capabilities, and help others implement and run effective marine conservation initiatives.

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Learn about Turtles and the conservation efforts we’re involved with, directly from the team bringing about this positive change on the ground

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