2015 Off To A Great Start!

12,000 turtle releases and counting, new nests on the beach and educating the next generation.

As we get into the month of February we are pleased to share with you the positive start we have had to the year.

We started the year in great spirits after conducting the 12,000th release of our Bycatch Release Programme in December 2014. We were so grateful to the many supporters and friends who were in Watamu and joined us on such short notice to mark this special occasion. Everyone gathered on the beach to watch the release and this occasion made our Christmas and New Year holidays very memorable.

The nesting season is off to a good start with two nests laid in January. Both nests were laid below the high water mark and relocated to a safer areas. We expect the hatchlings to emerge in the first and last weeks of March. We look forward to sharing the news of these tiny baby turtles with you in a few weeks’ time.

More good news from the education desk, after conducting outreach to our 30 programme schools last term, we are inviting the schools to visit us this term. The topic for this term is Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), and the students are really enjoying learning about how MPA’s work and why they are important. The visit to the project also gives them a chance to also see the turtles recuperating in the Rehabilitation Centre and to find out about all the other work we are doing.

On a special note the marine scouts are back in full swing and are geared up for more educational fun stuff and brightening up our Saturday mornings with their smiling faces! More on this and other exciting news in our next blog.