Phanice Anindo – LOT’s Newest Intern

Describe yourself…

I am a 24 year old Kenyan lady, very social and hardworking. I love making friends and I like learning new things. I have had an interest in animals since I was young and that has directed me to choose a course in Wildlife Management so I can contribute to their welfare and management.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background…

I majored in Wildlife Management at the University of Eldoret in 2013. I am currently doing my work experience at LOT as I seek employment in a suitable field for my degree. I will be with LOT for 12 weeks and I am currently on my 4th week. Despite facing financial challenges LOT has made it possible for me to be part of their team and conduct my project research on the impact of bait digging in mangrove ecosystems, a project which will also assist LOT in their mangrove restoration programme.

What have been your experiences so far?

I have enjoyed most of the activities especially the time I have had rescuing turtles because I get to interact with the local community and the part where we release them back into the Marine Park is quite satisfying and interesting.

The staff are very friendly and I feel very much at home, I am really enjoying my stay. I have participated in mangrove seedling collection, nest relocation, rehab duty taking care of sick and injured turtles, anti-poaching surveys and will continue to participate in all other activities with special focus on the mangrove eco-system.

What have you learned so far?

I have learned about the different types of turtles in the world and the measures taken by LOT to protect them from fishing nets in Watamu.

Do you have anything to say to potential volunteers and interns?

Work experience LOT is a very good place to be because the staff provide you with lots of information about the marine environment, it’s a place to learn and grow in conservation issues.