Education Programme 2nd Quarter Update

All the info on the 2nd quater of the year.

The LOT education programme is a great way for students to learn about the marine environment. University students on internships with us, those seeking work experience or those doing their Duke of Edinburgh award have been tremendously inspired and have gained skills relevant to their course. We are very proud of the students who spend time with us at the project and understand the need to conserve our oceans and proceed to create awareness back at school.

This quarter 25 local schools, through outreach and project visits have received presentations on The Effects of Marine Debris and Sea Turtle Biology. At the least this represents 656 students and 50 of their teachers and club patrons.

With our Madrassa School in Watamu we were delighted to cheer on the students at their pre-fasting football tournament and provide refreshments. At the end of term we were there to support their academic achievements as well by giving prizes to the top performers. Well done to all!

KWS training school students from Naivasha visited the project in June for first hand practical education on sea turtles and the marine environment. We hope that these students will one day champion the course of many conservationists and implement laws that help in protecting our marine animals and their habitats.

At the beginning of term, 3 new marine scouts joined the team. They are focusing on the link between mangroves, the beach, seagrass beds, the reef and the open ocean. Canoe riding and bird watching through the mangroves of Mida Creek has been fun as well as educational. The young boys and girls are a joy to have with us, always on time and very keen to help. Their brothers and sisters at home are learning too about the environment through them, their parents as well. Faith who is 9 years old wants to be a marine conservationist in the future. This programme has been great in nudging the kids towards conservation and a great avenue to spread our work in the community.

Outside of school, 14 presentations have taken place in hotels and close to 200 visitors have been through our gate to visit the Marine Information Centre. We are so pleased at this interest in the work we do!