Scientific reseach helps to better understand turtles. Better understanding helps turtle conservation worldwide.

Conservation of sea turtles in Kenya is a daily challenge. However, our ultimate aim is to improve conservation worldwide. Therefore research has always been an important aspect of LOC. We work with leading institutions such as KWS, WWF and the University of Exeter.

Over the years LOC has become an international hub for scientific research. LOC assist researchers with longitudinal data, but also helps with collecting new data; We set up new experiments, execute groundwork and gather results. The resulting scientific insights have been used in many ways to advance turtle conservation.

Our historical datasets are truly unique in the world and of critical value to scientists. Our data -tracking sea turtles and their behaviour- spans a period of over 23 years.

These historical datasets highlight our special position. We also hold a unique position, because we believe in sharing our knowledge: The more people help, the better conservation. Therefore the LOC datasets may be used by anyone as an open source. Although usage is free, restrictions apply.

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