Meet the Team

Board of Directors


Moses brings with him a wide range of experience at a non-governmental organization, governance and legal context. He has worked on fair trade, conservation and human rights initiatives over the past 16 years and has also worked on media advocacy for the Kenya Constitution. He has an intrinsic understanding of the governance issues affecting Kenya and the African continent and applies this to the conservation sector. His love for nature and the nurturing, protection and conservation of natural habitats particularly our oceans and marine life led him to LOC where he fell in love with the turtles and the work we do to conserve them and their habitats. Through his experience and passion for wildlife and the places they inhabit in Kenya, Moses adds great passion and expertise to the governance of LOC.


In 1997 Nicola Parazzi (Nicky) helped form a group of Watamu residents to take action against increasing human related threats on the marine environment. They were particularly concerned about nesting sea turtles who were unable to successfully lay their eggs due to beach developments and risk of poaching.

Always dedicated to marine conservation, she patrolled the beaches day and night to protect the female sea turtles coming to nest, their eggs and their hatchlings. Nicky then helped to formalise the group’s efforts with the launch of ‘Watamu Turtle Watch’, a programme which still operates under Local Ocean Conservation today.

Watamu Turtle Watch quickly expanded to address another major threat to sea turtles, accidental bycatch in local fishermen’s nets, and in 1998 the Sea Turtle Bycatch Release Programme began to reduce sea turtle mortalities in the area.

In 2002, recognising a wider need for community involvement in marine conservation, the name “Local Ocean” was adopted to encourage people to look after their local marine environment.

Today Local Ocean Conservation, with her support, continues to conduct practical conservation efforts as well as encouraging the sustainable use of natural resources through community development, education and campaigning.


Founder of Colobus Conservation and Diani Turtle Watch.

Water Scientist and Senior Lecturer at Egerton University, Kenya. Main focus is on research in water systems including wetlands and capacity development in water and wetlands management.


Founder of Colobus Conservation and Diani Turtle Watch.


By-Catch Net Release Programme/ Nest Monitoring & Protection Programme Coordinator

Fikiri joined LOC in 2009 and he is the By-Catch Net Release Programme/Nest monitoring and Protection Programme Coordinator. As part of Fikiri’s job he is involved in recovering turtles that have been caught in fishermen’s nets and releasing them back into the marine park or admitting them to the Turtle Rescue Centre. He also is involved with patrol the beaches at night looking for nesting turtles and ensuring both mother and hatchlings make safe return to the ocean. What he loves most about his job and working at LOC is that he increases his passion for animals and especially turtles every day.

Assistant Manager

Gladys started back in 2013 and is the Assistant to the Manager. Her job involves dealing with the staff, ensuring that the LOC runs as smooth as possible. Another very important role that Gladys plays is correspondence with the EcoVisitors that are looking to make a difference and help out at LOC. She has expressed how much she enjoys the dynamic diversity of people that this jobs allows her to experience.

Animal Welfare and Community Outreach & Awareness Programme Coordinator

Kahindi joined the team back in 2000 and is the Animal Welfare and Community Outreach and Awareness Programme Coordinator. This job incorporates many aspects of the work conducted at LOC including helping with the By-Catch Release Programme, the Turtle Rehabilitation Centre, mangrove restoration and educating local fisherman about turtle conservation. As well as doing all of this he is also studying Environmental Studies with a Diploma in Community Development at Pwani University. The things Kahindi enjoys about working at LOC is the amount of variety it provides him with and allows him to explore many different areas of marine conservation.


Mary started in 2010 and is the Cook. She can take all of the credit for the amazing local authentic lunches that are produced daily for the staff and EcoVisitors. Mary says that the best thing about working here is that she gets the opportunity to help with some turtle rescues.

PR and Volunteer Program Coordinator

Ruth began her time here in 2011 and she is the Public Relations and Volunteer Coordinator. Her daily duties involve providing tours for the local tourists that are interested in the work we do here. Ruth also is the main person involved in welcoming and helping the EcoVisitors settle whilst also arranging the activities that they will take part in when they are here. Ruth loves the interaction of new people that she gets on a daily basis and she also loves sharing her passion for what we do here at LOC.

Samuel started with LOC in 2017 and is a Beach and Nest Monitor. He is part of the night patrol team that are looking for the nesting turtles and turtle hatchlings when they emerge from the nests. He also helps with the monitoring of the nests during the nesting process. Samuel says that the most enjoyable part of his work is when he sees the baby turtle hatchlings making their journey from the nest all the way to the ocean not matter how long that takes.

House Keeping

Sharlet started her time at LOC in 2010 and is the Housekeeper. She is the one responsible for the amazing upkeep and cleaning of the EcoVisitor’s accommodation. Sharlet says the thing that she loves about working at LOC are her colleagues and the fun environment that is always present.

WTW Day and Night Beach Monitor

Lewa joined the team in 2010. He is currently our Turtle Rehabilitation Centre Officer and is a major part of the dedicated team that helps nurse sick or injured turtles back to full health. He makes sure that the TRC is fully stocked with everything that is needed to allow the TRC to run smoothly. Lewa has expressed how much he enjoys working with the EcoVistors and also the rewarding feeling that he gets once he releases a turtle that he has helped recover.

Community Liason Officer, Watamu Village

Athuman joined us in 2000 and his role is a Community Liaison Officer that focuses on the Watamu and Ocean area. As part of his job Athuman goes out and talks to people and educates the local communities about the danger that turtles are facing from poaching. The part that Athuman enjoys the most about his job is seeing the change in people’s attitudes towards turtles and wanting to conserve them rather than kill.

Community Liason Officer, Mida Creek

Sammy joined the LOC team in 2012 as a Community Liaison Officer focusing on the Mida Creek area. As part of his job Sammy meets with local community groups and fishermen and discusses how they can all help with the conservation of the marine and other environments around the Watamu area. The part that he most enjoys about his job is talking to the community groups and sharing experiences with each other.

Beach and Nest Monitor

Newton joined the team in 2016 and is a Beach and Nest Monitor. This means that he will take part in the nightly patrols that are looking for nesting turtles. Once the nests have been laid he will also help monitor these nests and conduct nest assessments to assess how close to hatching they are. Newton’s most enjoyable part of the job is watching the watching the nesting turtle and then seeing those hatching emerge from the same nest almost two months later.

Beach and Nest Monitor

Carlos was welcomed into the team in 2018 and is a member of the Beach and Nest Monitor team. He is involved with patrolling the beach at night looking for the nesting female turtles. He also take part in the nest assessments and monitors their progress throughout the incubation period. Once the nest has hatched then he and the rest of the Beach and Nest Monitor team will conduct an exhumation of the nest to see how successful it was. Carlos’s favourite part of his job is the night walks, especially on the nights when he encounters a nesting female turtle and he gets to watch the unique process unfold.

General Plot Maintenance

Kalume joined us in 2011 with the job of General Plot Maintenance. He maintains the garden and plants and looks after all of the seedlings that they grow. Kalume also solves any maintenance issue that may arise on a day to day basis. He says that they part he enjoys most about working here is going out into the field when he has time to conduct turtle rescues/releases and getting involved in the local communities.

Bookkeeping & Admin

In 2007 James joined our team as Administration and his job has many aspects to it. The main two areas that make up James’s job are Human Resources and Accounting. His job role allows him to have a large amount of contact with many members of the staff which he enjoys. He also enjoys overcoming all of the very different challenges that his job may throw at him.

Dickson was new to the team in 2015 and he is part of the General Plot Maintenance team. He helps with the planting of various varieties of trees and plants around the compound and makes sure that LOC is looking its best. He also helps fix any maintenance issues that may arise on a day to day basis. Dickson really enjoy interacting with the EcoVisitors that come and go throughout the year at LOC and he also really enjoys being able to participate with the Bycatch Release Programme and in the Turtle Rehabilitation Centre.

Project-Coordinator – Diani Turtle Watch

Nevil joined the team in November 2018. Prior to joining the LOC family, Nevil had spent time in terrestrial conservation but the call of the big blue was too strong, so he drifted Eastwards from Kisumu country to the beautiful coastline.